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Have you ever reached a plateau in your training and could not see a way to improve?

I am sure that you must have experienced a plateau in your training many times.

I know for a fact it has happened to me more times than I can count.

It took me a long time to find the antidote to these plateaus, that seemed to last longer and longer each time.

So many times I saw friends and colleagues just give up and pack in the Martial Arts.

I have seen gifted fighters just stop competing overnight.

This seemed to me, to be a crying shame, that so many people could quit the Martial Arts because they could not see a way forward to improve and develop their skills.

We were constantly drilling and drilling every session to try and improve. Taking it in turns to do 100 of this and then 100 of that… and yet, not much happened.

It was the law of diminishing returns… it seemed that the more we trained and more reps we did, the slower and the smaller the results.

Then, suddenly one day it hit me.

We were all training incorrectly. We were all doing everything wrong. We thought we were right of course – but we were so way off track it was not funny.

We were training by numbers – just as we had always been told to do.

You know what I mean – the Instructor says go and do 50 roundhouse kicks.. and you go off and do 50 kicks.

BUT – AND HERE IS THE KEY – Nobody told you to do roundhouse kicks for a reason and to ensure that certain aspects were corrected.

Nobody told your training partner what to look out for in your kicks – thereby making your partner an “instructor”.

Nobody told you how to “self correct” your kicks – OR any techniques for that matter.

I had suddenly hit the jackpot – now I knew what real drilling should be and how it should be conducted – with a REAL PURPOSE in mind – not a number!

That is when my training burst forward faster than you can possibly imagine – that is when I learned HOW to learn.

That is one of the KEYS that makes The Pressure Point Academy unique.

The Pressure Point Academy
Online Training

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The Pressure Point Academy

The Pressure Point Academy is where we will guide you, step-by-step, lesson by lesson along your own path to complete mastery. Under the direct tutelage of Russell Stutely, this Online Course is like no other out there. You will be immersed in online training and live online training from Day 1! Your fellow students, teachers and Russell himself will be on hand to assist you in every aspect!

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Here's what you'll get when you sign up

Instant access to your Course, where you will undergo your induction phase. Think of this as your welcome to the Academy, where you will learn and understand the “rules” and the expectations that we require from all of our students. Once you have been inducted, you will start the Course proper and your exciting journey to complete mastery, will begin.

Mind over matter

The induction phase of your Course, will transform your mind and body. This quick and simple technique is a true life changer!

Drills build skills

Our unique method of drilling, will build your skills much faster than you ever thought possible. Your skills are almost forced to improve rapidly!

Skills pay the bills

Once you understand how the drills build the skills, then you will realise, that these skills do indeed pay the bills when it comes to applying what you learn each and every day.

Immersive learning

You will enter a totally immersive learning environment, where everything is designed to inform, educate, train and build you into the best you can possibly be.

What people are saying

These are testimonials from people who have tried my products and courses and may have trained with me personally.

Have a listen to what they think.

How the Pressure Point Academy works

This will give you a brief idea of how the Academy operates and what is expected of you, once you enroll.

All of our students are expected to present their lessons at least once per week.

Your Induction

As a new student at the Academy, you will first undergo your induction. This is where you will be given your initial training routine. This is designed to get you into the correct mindset for learning, training and developing your skills. It is very simple and only requires 7 minutes, 3 times a week.

Basic Training

This is where we bring you up to speed very quickly and get you ready for your full Academy training. This section is required to ensure that you get the most benefit from what is to come and that you develop your skills in the shortest possible timeframe.

Defendere et honora

"Defend with honour" is the motto of The Pressure Point Academy. This section is where you will learn skills of an extreme nature. As such, it is vital that you adhere to our motto and only use these skills if absolutely needed.

Defeat Attacks

This section is where you learn to deal with a vast array of attacks and indeed learn HOW to do those attacks in the most efficient and destructive way possible. You will move faster, hit harder and understand combat better than you ever thought possible by this stage.

Academy Senior

Think of this as one part away from your Graduation. As a senior student you will now be given the most deadly and ruthlessly efficient methods. This high level of knowledge comes with a high level of responsibility - which as one of our Senior students, we expect in abundance.

Academy Law Enforcement Training

This is a huge area of training that will culminate in your graduation from The Pressure Point Academy. This is where you will be a true master and your skills will have been developed to the highest of levels.

Your Graduation

This is where you can now Graduate from the Academy and become one of our Internationally recognised and Certified Instructors. You can also "stay on" at the Academy free of any charge to help and advise your fellow students coming through.


Get these bonuses once you enroll


Live webinars

This is where you can get any questions answered and we can go through any bits of techniques that anyone needs help with.

This is an incredible addition to your training and each webinar will be added to the site, so that you have a catalog to refer to for years to come.


Additional lessons

We are always adding more lessons to the site, that are not a part of your course, but are there as additional information to help in your studies.

These will be broken down into various categories, to ensure that it is easy to navigate and find the “extra lesson” that you are looking for.


Members Group

All of our students will have access to a special and totally private Group.

This is where you can view lessons from other students and indeed upload your own.

Also, this is where you can discuss your training with Senior Students, Department heads and of course with Russell Stutely directly.

About the course Principal,
Russell Stutely

Russell’s online training courses are considered to be the finest of their type in the World.

He has spent the last 25+ years refining and honing his teaching skills to ensure your rapid growth and development.

You will learn the most deadly of techniques in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere from the most sought after Instructor on the Planet.


  • World leader – Pressure Point Fighting
  • National Boxing Coach – Cambodia
  • Martial Arts Hall of Fame
  • Combat Hall of Fame
  • OCFM International Coach
  • PPDT International Instructor
  • Cop Tactics Master Instructor
  • Multiple high Dan Grades

What people say about Russell

As an Instructor of multiple Martial Arts of many years experience, and as a former CEO of a Security Firm, I can attest to the absolute effectiveness of Russell Stutely’s OCFM technology. It has at least doubled the effectiveness and power of EVERYTHING I do
Dr Eddie Emmanuel
Emergency Physician
If you truly want to learn the VERY BEST in Self Defense, then Russell is the man. Listen... I have done hundreds of rounds of sparring with Russell... he is the real deal. Nothing else out there matches what Russell teaches - it is SO EASY to use and apply. You NEED to learn this material - TODAY!
Paul Butlin
Former Area Heavyweight Champ
After buying all of Russells DVDs I decided to actually go and train with him personally for one week. What a week that was - the amount of truly great information given was mind-blowing. The way Russell teaches - it is so simple to pick up. Since that week I have trained with Russell many times
Paul Mracek
OCFM International Coach

Why the Pressure Point Academy is so valuable.

As one of our trusted and valued Students you will be receiving the ultimate in online training and tuition.

There are over 300 full Hi-Definition lessons as part of the standard Academy course covering every area of training required.

We are constantly adding new lessons for our students that are complimentary to the course and act as additional information and indeed personalised answers to questions. 

This will build to a huge catalog of answers on all subjects, categorised for ease of access for all of our students to enjoy.

You will have direct access to Russell Stutely himself on an almost daily basis.

Russell is also actively involved with each and every lesson, in fact Russell publishes his own training several times a week LIVE for the students to watch and take notes.

He also answers direct questions at those trainings, to further aid in the development of each and every student of the Academy.

You will have the opportunity to work with people all over the World and you might even make a bunch of new friends along the way!

During these rather troubled times of lockdowns and travel restrictions, none of us are sure of anything anymore. 

The Pressure Point Academy will be your never ending constant in an ever more strange World.

Because we are online, we can be accessed 24/7 from any location with Internet or Data available. The Gym never closes and the information is always to hand.

Never before has there been an online training facility like this one. All of your training needs and requirements will be met and surpassed.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. In fact it is often better to start with a clean slate, so as to speak.

It does not matter what level you are currently at, we will bring you up to speed and make you the best that you can be.

No. This is an ONLINE training course. There are only a few downloads for paperwork etc.

Well done. In fact as a Black Belt elsewhere, you probably have the most to gain from this information in the shortest time span.

That is great – well done on being an Instructor.

You will probably have the most to gain from the information here at the Academy.

It will take your skills above and beyond what you have thought possible previously.

Absolutely not. I am 57 and still train hard 5 days a week.

You train at your own pace and in your own time.

If you are unsure – then get confirmation from your Doctor first.

You can either hang around till you do like it or leave. It is your choice. There are NO REFUNDS and NO EXCHANGES.

That is a bit like asking how long is a piece of string. There are no time limits.

We do everything on your ability – nothing else.

If you reach the required standard in a week.. wow. If it takes you 30 years – that’s the way it is.

There is a guarantee that this information is the best of its kind anywhere.

If you mean a money back guarantee… NO NO NO.

You can pay by any major card or by Paypal.

We use the very latest technology to ensure that everything is super safe. 

We NEVER see your Card details.

When you have completed your education at the Academy, you will Graduate and have the chance to become one of our Internationally recognised and Certified Instructors.

Who is this for


Not For

A Personal Message

I am looking forward to working with you at The Pressure Point Academy.

It has taken years of hard work, dedication and countless man hours for myself and my team to put this together for you.

It was no mean feat, I can tell you.

I am immensely proud of what the team have been able to accomplish and how we can help you grow and develop your skills in the shortest possible timeframe.

Never before has an opportunity like this ever been available.

Whatever help or guidance you need to continue your development, it can be guaranteed that it is here at the Academy for you.

You will be amazed at your results!

Russell Stutely


Annual Membership

$670 $ 370 Per Year
  • The Pressure Point Academy Membership
  • The Pressure Point Academy Course
  • The Pressure Point Academy Facebook Group
  • Direct access with Russell Stutely
  • Over 300 Hi- Definition Video Lessons
  • Tips and Tricks added each week


This is an online course that you take at your own pace. There are NO GUARANTEES AND NO REFUNDS. If you are not sure if you can put in the work – then do not join. You MUST want to be the best that you can be. You may never reach the standards we need to qualify. You will be required to upload your lessons in order to progress…. if you do not want to do that – then do not join!

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Monthly Membership

$ 67 00 Per Month
  • The Pressure Point Academy Membership
  • The Pressure Point Academy Course
  • The Pressure Point Academy Facebook Group
  • Direct access with Russell Stutely
  • Over 300 Hi- Definition Video Lessons
  • Tips and Tricks added each week

Annual Membership

$670 $ 370 Per Year
  • The Pressure Point Academy Membership
  • The Pressure Point Academy Course
  • The Pressure Point Academy Facebook Group
  • Direct access with Russell Stutely
  • Over 300 Hi- Definition Video Lessons
  • Tips and Tricks added each week

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