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Prepare yourself for what's to come

You must prepare your mind in accordance with our Academy Motto:

“Defendere et honora”

Which means – Defend With Honour

This mindset is CRUCIAL in ensuring your growth and development and helping your fellow Brothers in the Academy do the same.

We are all working together to help all of our Brothers reach all of their Goals.

Your induction

The first part of your Pressure Point Academy Course, is designed to start focusing your mind and your body.

To truly take your skills to the levels we expect, means that your Mind must become laser focused and your Body must become hardened.

We achieve this in a very simple and easy to adopt manner – this simply becomes a part of your lifestyle.

I promise you, that at the end of your simple induction phase alone, you will have more confidence, an increased aerobic threshold and more ability to defend yourself and your loved ones.

REMEMBER: This is just the first few weeks of a long journey.