The Pressure Point Academy

Defendere et Honora

Your MWF Ritual Induction – Free Course

Welcome to your FREE Trial here at The Pressure Point Academy.

It is important that you understand how we work and the reasoning behind this, before and during your lessons.

We are a true Brotherhood that looks after their own and we hold each other accountable for our actions.

We are building a network of men that are truly unfuckwithable and will protect themselves, their loved ones and be a real asset to their community.

We are on the side of decent honest people everywhere.

Stages of Development

There are 4 main parts to the Full Course spread over 13 Months of training with more to come.

Before that we have what we call our Course induction – which you will start today.

This is a pre-requisite of training here at the Academy.

How The Course Induction Works

We have to find a baseline for where you are in your training today. In this way we know exactly how to ensure that you receive the fastest growth in your development.

This is done by forging your mind and body at the same time.

We do this with a very simple routine called The M,W,F Routine.

This is where you begin your training and utilise the lessons shown in your routine – with NO EXCUSES.

So, let’s get you started right now.